What’s the best shower size for your bathroom?

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What’s the best shower size?

The shower size that’s right for your bathroom depends on how much room you have to play with and what shape shower tray you choose. But there are some accepted standards for different shower sizes, based around the size of the tray.

  • Minimum shower sizes are around 700mm x 700mm
  • Maximum shower sizes can go up to 900mm x 1700mm
  • The height of a shower tray is typically between 25mm – 80mm
  • You can make a walk-in shower or wet room whatever size you like!

It’s important to leave room in front of the entrance to your shower for getting in and out – around 500mm is a good minimum to work to.

It’s ultimately your decision how large you make your shower. If you’re wanting to fit a freestanding bath too, you might choose a square shower with more compact dimensions. But, in a shower room, you might want a wider rectangular shower tray. It can be useful to play around with the different options on some graph paper to figure out what layout suits you best.

Want to have a go at designing a new layout for your bathroom? Get the free guide: Planning an effective bathroom layout. It contains practical advice plus graph paper for you to draw on.

Square and quadrant shower trays in small sizes are suited to compact bathrooms

In smaller bathrooms, putting your shower in the corner can be practical for the design. Square and quadrant showers are the most space efficient options, with quadrant showers protruding less into the room due to their rounded side.


Typical quadrant shower tray sizes: 800mm x 800mm – 900mm x 760mm

Typical square shower tray sizes: 700mm x 700mm – 900mm x 900mm

Rectangular shower trays are ideal for large and walk-in shower designs

For walk-in showers or larger enclosures, the width can reach right up to 1900mm, depending how much you want to spend. These showers are great for bathrooms where the shower is used a lot as they provide a spacious showering experience.


Typical rectangular shower tray sizes: 800 x 700mm – 900mm x 1700mm

Not everyone has room to spare in their bathroom, but it’s still possible to have a rectangular shower. To achieve this, opt for a standard sized rectangular tray, with dimensions of 800 x 700mm. These still look sleek and contemporary, but don’t take up as much room.

A custom sized walk-in shower
What’s the best shower size for accessible showers?

Keeping the shower tray slimline and low to the floor (25mm) makes it easy to walk in and out of the shower without having to step up. If you need a shower to be wheelchair accessible, then a wet room is often the way to go.

Find out more about designing showering space specifically for accessibility in this free guide: Planning bathroom adaptations for accessibility.

You can design a custom shower size for wet rooms

If none of the above options are taking your fancy, you could decide to go the route of a wet room. This is where the shower drain is added by either recessing it into the floor or raising the floor level of the bathroom to accommodate the sunken drain.

This allows you to create a custom sized shower tray with seamless tiling or lino, with the surround of your choice. Some people go totally open plan for their wet room and others choose a partial screen or curtain to separate the showering area.

Find out more about creating a wet room this free guide: Everything you need to know about wet rooms.

What’s the best shower size?

As you can see from the options we’ve run through, it’s down to your preferred shape and the dimensions of your bathroom as to what the best shower size is. If you’re struggling to make a decision, or are confused by the different options, it can be useful to arrange a free survey.

During a free bathroom survey, your bathroom advisor will take a look at your bathroom and discuss your options. They will be able to talk you through the shower trays available to you and what kind of shower size this will give you. Request yours now by completing the form.


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