Everything you need to know about walk-in shower designs

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Everything you need to know


Walk-in showers are both style statement and practical feature in one

They’re a staple within many modern bathrooms, proving a useful alternative to bathtubs and raised shower trays. Walk-in showers are a great option for adapting a bathroom for accessibility.

Benefits of a walk-in shower at a glance:

  1. Stylish, sought-after design feature
  2. Accessible and can be used for decades to come
  3. Spacious and enjoyable bathing experience
So, what does a typical walk-in shower design involve?walk-in-shower-modo-suite

A walk-in shower is similar to a wet room, but different.

In a wet room, the shower is completely open (or very partially covered by a screen or curtain) and the drainage is sunken into the floor. A walk-in shower includes a shower tray or tiled showering area which is the same level as the floor. It’s separate from the floor, just without a step up.

And why is this beneficial?

This makes walk-in showers hugely versatile. They can provide the accessibility of a wet room, but require less wall protection and maintenance. Wet rooms need to be almost entirely covered with tiles or vinyl to shield the walls during showering. Whereas walk-in showers have enclosures which prevent too much steam and spray escaping. This makes them suited to all kinds of homes, and they can be used by children, as well as elderly and disabled people.


Walk-in shower design considerations

The enclosure


The style of shower enclosure you choose makes the design your own. And there are plenty of ways to make your mark. You are able to specify how spacious you’d like the shower and whether you’d like it partially or fully enclosed. You may even choose to build the showering area complete with partition walls, rather than glass, to create the spa-from-home feel.

In our experience, most homeowners opt for a full glass or Perspex enclosure. This option is simple to install and provides the open-plan feel while containing much of the steam and spray that’s created while showering. If your home is draughty, you may want a closing door.

The shower fixture

Showering is a personal experience. Some of us enjoy a refreshing, high-pressure blast, while others prefer the gentle waterfall experience.

Luckily, modern shower fixtures are multifunctional and can tick several boxes in one. Showers typically have adjustable heights, pressure controls and detachable heads as standard. This is especially important if you need the shower to be suitable for elderly or disabled people.


Shower options to consider:

  • Single spray head
  • Multi-head shower
  • Massage jet shower panel
  • Rain system/ waterfall
  • Handheld/ detachable head
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Height adjustable/ sliding bar


The tiling

You can add a dash of personality to your walk-in shower design through your choice tiling. There are plenty of colours and styles to consider, but remember, if your walk-in shower has floor tiles rather than a tray base, then you will need to look at matte, non-slip options.

Other things to remember:

  1. tinted-front-showerLarger tiles are easier to keep clean (minimal grouting and mildew build up)
  2. Darker colours and busier patterns can make a small bathroom feel smaller
  3. Glazed or ‘gloss’ looking tiles will be slippery (unsuited to the floor)

There are a whole host of variables when it comes to walk-in shower designs, and innumerable different styles to choose from. That what makes them such a great feature! But it can be useful to speak with an expert who will be able to guide you through designing one. That way, you know you’ve got a shower that’s ideally designed to make the most of your space.

We hope you’ve learnt what you need to know about walk-in showers. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, you can get in touch with customer team on 0800 980 6018 or email

If you’re looking for more advice, why not take a look at our blog ‘Walk-in shower ideas 101’ for some further design inspiration?


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