How to update your current bathroom design on a budget

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A good bathroom design can last decades

Appliances are built to last and the beauty of this is that you may not need to update your suite for many years. But, what if you become tired of the old design? Or move into a new home and want to make your mark on it? What if you only have a modest budget to work with?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to update your bathroom design while keeping the old suite intact. Refreshing your bathroom can be a simple as a lick of paint or a few small finishing touched. Read on to see exactly what we mean.


1. Refresh the tiles

If you want to improve the feel of the room without overhauling the design, selecting new tiles is a good compromise. You can find a shape, style or pattern that’s personal to you and install them around the current appliances. Fresh tiling is also a great way of adding a splash of colour to an existing design.

2. Re-grouting and sealing

This one is a little laborious but can make such a visible difference when completed. Bathrooms that look worn can feel dingy and difficult to keep clean, and mildew stains are a big factor in this. Re-sealing your bathroom appliances and updating the grouting on any tiles will instantly lift the space. Alternatively, if you don’t have time for this, a good scrub with stain remover will help.


3. Invest in better storage

Poor storage is something that can end up ruining your whole space. A bathroom overflowing with bottles, tubs, towels and other essentials is not a relaxing place to be. Incorporating new storage features such as shelves, cupboards and vanity units into your current space will make the room more practical and attractive at the same time.

4. Get creative with a blank wall

We tend to keep our bathrooms plain, but why? Neutral colours can help a room feel brighter, lighter and less crowded, certainly. But a colourful wall can take your bathroom design up a level. Patterned wallpaper and statement colours like pink or navy are stylish, contemporary and will give the impression of whole new bathroom design.


5. Fit a new mirror

Mirrors make a room look bigger as well as being a feature in themselves. If you want to add a new dimension to your bathroom design without breaking the bank, picking out a new statement mirror is a simple but effective touch. You could go large and bold to open up the room or choose a stylish frame to act as an eye-catching centrepiece.

6. Update the lighting

We use lamps and hanging light fittings elsewhere in the house to create a relaxing atmosphere. But bathrooms are often fitted with bright overhead lights which aren’t customisable. Wall mounted light fittings and illuminated mirrors provide an easy alternative for lighting your bathroom as you see fit. This can immediately make your space more relaxing and enjoyable.


7. Upgrade your shower head

If you don’t have the budget to fit a completely new shower surround, updating your shower head is the next best alternative. Shower heads come in a huge range of styles, from high-pressure settings to waterfall fixtures, there’s a model that’s right for your home out there.

8. Breathe in some life with houseplants

Adding houseplants into the mix is a simple yet effective way of sprucing up your bathroom. They provide a natural, living counterpart to all the cold ceramic surfaces and add a dash of colour. Many varieties of houseplant thrive in the bathroom due to the moisture in the air.


9. Accessorising your space

Candles, photo frames, soap dispensers and wicker baskets are all simple ways to accessorise, adding a new element of style to an existing design. Opting for a patterned blind, shower curtain or new towels are also easy ways to put your own mark on an older design.

We hope we’ve given you some fresh ideas for updating your bathroom design. Maybe you’d like to take a look at our gallery for some more inspiration? Or if you’d like to chat to someone about getting your bathrooms project started, contact us on 0800 980 6018 or email

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