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 A traditional bathroom breathes timeless luxury into any home.

Whatever the era of your property, there’s a traditional bathroom design to suit your space. Traditional features provide elegance, charm and lasting style that helps you enjoy your space for decades to come.

The best part of a traditional scheme is that it can be tailored to your preferences. You might want to go all out classical with your styling, or perhaps you’d prefer period features with a contemporary twist? It’s completely up to you how traditional you make it.

There are dozens of different ways to weave in traditional charm. Why not check out these traditional bathroom ideas as a place to start?


1. Luxury bathing

Roll top baths are one of the defining feature of a luxurious traditional bathroom. Blending style with comfort, including a roll top bath in your design is as much about creating a relaxing haven as it is about the visual appeal.

With a huge range of styles available, roll top baths can be suited to your style preferences. You could go all out regal with golden taps and feet, or more subtle with smooth edges and minimalistic fixtures.


2. Beautiful tiling

The tiling, both on the floor and walls, is one of the most visually appealing ways to add traditional charm into your bathroom design. Delicate monochrome patterns are typical of Victorian-inspired schemes, as are block shapes of diamonds, squares and rectangles.

Choose good quality ceramic tiles and opt for subtle over anything too lavish. Weaving in rich greens, blues and brighter accents like golden or brass taps can bring the scheme together and keep it from becoming too dark or plain.


3. Elegant suites

When you think traditional bathroom, you think tall, elegant furniture and round, sweeping curves. Most modern bathroom suites are clear-cut and compact, so if you’re looking to inject a little tradition into your design, opt for a suite with a wider, rounded sink basin and decorative taps.

victorian style inspiration

4. Stand-mounted basins

Mounted basins with decorative legs are a stylish design feature that can breathe life into even the smallest, plainest bathroom. This period-inspired sink design is delicate and charming, so works in bathrooms of all types. Choose between ceramic or metal legs to suit your space.


5. Freestanding baths

If you have the available space, installing a freestanding bath as the centrepiece of your traditional bathroom design is an absolute must. Much like in beautiful country estate hotels, having a free standing bath in your home is a real luxury that brings the whole room together.

They might not work in every room, but if you’re a person who enjoys relaxing in a long, luxurious bath at the end of a long day then this is one feature that’s worth the investment.


6. Old-fashioned style toilets

These toilets work with the old-fashioned system of a high suspended water tank with a chain to pull. Although they’re less compact than modern toilets, they can elevate a design and create a stylish feature wherever they are included.

7. Rustic wooden charm

Traditional doesn’t always have to mean regal and grand. Wooden flooring or panelling can be a nice way of additional traditional, rustic charm and making a space feel warm and homely. Whether you choose exposed or painted floorboards, they create a tasteful base from which to dress your space with rugs, bathmats and other accessories.


8. Industrial edge

Exposed metal pipework and accessories allow you to create a traditional room with a more modern edge. The industrial look is huge when it comes to interior design and the bathroom is no exception to this. Pair your steel stand mounted basin and heavy pipework with a delicate bath on feet for a contemporary take on this much-loved style.

9. Decorative patterns

Victorian suites maybe quite neutral, but there are ways to weave in bold colour and pattern if that’s something you enjoy. Floral prints and William Morris style designs are the perfect way to add dashes of colour while keeping everything traditional.

Why not create a feature wall of wallpaper or, perhaps, hunt down a custom bathmat or shower curtain? These are simple ways to add something a little more personal to your tastes into a bathroom scheme.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to create the traditional bathroom you aspire to and these are just the start! For more inspiration or to discuss your ideas with us, contact us on 0800 980 6018 or email

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