Steps to designing a bathroom you truly love

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Designing a bathroom can feel like a considerable undertaking.

There are the realities of the costs involved, the planning required and the disruption to your home. Not to mention finding a style you like that works within your space.

However, when broken down into manageable stages, planning and designing a bathroom for your home is really a lot more straightforward than you might think.

Start by considering these seven stages.


STEP 1: Set your goal

First and foremost, list all the reasons for needing a new bathroom. Are you adding an en-suite or guest bathroom? Perhaps you’re renovating a tired, old space? Could you be aiming to add value to your property? Or maybe it’s all of the above?

Whatever the reasons, there should be one clear objective that’s the priory. It might seem obvious, but write this down, underline it and refer back to it during the planning process. This way, you can make sure you stick to your original goal and don’t get distracted further down the line.

STEP 2: Secure your budget

It’s sensible to establish how much you can afford to put towards a new bathroom early on and even put a little extra aside, just in case. Although reputable bathroom installers won’t have any hidden costs, it’s always safe to have a buffer.

STEP 3: Gather your ideas

Once all the practicalities are pinned down, it’s time to start thinking about styles. Browse for inspiration everywhere and anywhere – online, in magazines, showrooms and the homes of friends and relatives. These are all valuable opportunities for gathering your ideas.

When it comes to making your own design selections, knowing what’s out there will work in your favour as you’ll have a good idea of idea of what you like and dislike. But if you’re really stuck, your bathroom designer will able to recommend some.

STEP 4: Talk to some bathroom installers

Now you’ve developed an idea of what type of space you want and know what your budget is, it’s time to talk to a specialist about designing a bathroom right for your home.

Reaching out to one or more bathroom installers will help you gather the information you need to get things moving. Working with a company who provide detailed plans and visual designs means you can keep a clear picture in mind of your finished results. (Not sure what we mean? Take a look at these 3D design examples)


STEP 5: Create the design

Now this stage isn’t all on you – it’s also the job of your chosen installer. This is the point where it’s useful to sit down and talk to your bathroom designer about your options. They will find out you how you currently use the room, your style preferences and what’s possible.

At this stage, your ideas should begin to come together. Your designer will be on hand to recommend the best layout to fit your space, as well as showing you an array of suites and advising on how to get the most from your budget.

STEP 6: Refining the design

Following your survey and consultation, your bathroom designer will leave armed with everything they need to know to create your dream space. At this point, you can sit back, relax and wait for them to do the hard work.

When they send you the initial designs, this is your opportunity to picture the design within your home and make any refinements. After all, you’ll be enjoying your finished bathroom for years to come, so you want to make sure it’s exactly right.


STEP 7: Agree the work

Once you’re 100% happy with your design, it’s time to give the installers the go ahead. Having spent plenty of time planning and designing a bathroom you truly love, this bit should feel like the easy part. And by selecting a bathroom installer who’s proved knowledgeable and helpful during the planning process, you can rest assured knowing your installation is in safe hands.

Are you ready to start designing a bathroom? Why not browse our gallery for some further inspiration? Or take a look at our range? If you’d like to discuss your ideas with one of our advisors, contact us on 0800 980 6018 or email

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