What shower room dimensions are best?

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What are the best shower room dimensions?

Shower rooms are hugely popular within modern homes. Many of us enjoy the convenience of having additional bathrooms to accommodate family or guests comfortably.

We can’t always extend the size of our homes, but it is possible to install shower rooms within larger bedrooms, hallway or landing space, if the floor plan allows for it.

Shower room dimensions – how much room do you need?

There’s no concrete answer to this question as it’s really to do with your preference and what your room will consist of. You should consider:

  • What you want to include in your shower room
  • What size and shape shower tray you want
  • The door placement and which direction it will open


What’s the minimum size for a room with just a shower?

The smallest tray size is around 700mm x 700mm, so your shower room will need to be at least just over 700mm wide. You need to allow room for the shower door to open, plus room for getting in and out. A workable minimum length would be around 1,500mm.

A shower room of this size (approximately 750mm x 1,500mm) would be very small and, although it would be functional, it might not be the most desirable layout. You would also need the door to open outwards as there wouldn’t be room for it to swing into the room. If possible, we’d recommend making your room slightly larger to provide more room for everyday use.


What about shower room dimensions including a toilet and sink?

You’re going to need more room to include a toilet and sink, but you can still fit them within a modest sized area. This en-suite we installed for a customer in Bradford was 2,100mm x 1,600mm and features a large sink unit. It would be possible to accommodate a similar layout into a slightly smaller room by choosing a smaller sink.


An average-sized shower room should be around 1,700mm x 1,600mm – 2,000mm

But as we’ve mentioned, there are no hard and fast rules. You may prefer a much bigger shower room or you may want to sacrifice having a toilet in place of a large rectangular tray or walk-in shower. It’s really up to you and what works in your home.

How should you choose your shower room dimensions?

BASI-planning-a-bathroom-layoutThe best way to find the ideal size and layout for your new shower room is to get measuring and drawing out some layouts or, alternatively, to speak with a bathroom installer. Many installers offer free surveys where they provide practical advice specific to the dimensions of your property.

If you’d like more information on choosing the best bathroom layout for your home, download this free guide. It includes easy tips, expert advice and some graph paper for you to print and experiment with some ideas on.

We hope this has answered all your questions about different shower room dimensions and sizes. If you want some advice specifically for your home you can request a free survey. Or get in touch with one of our team by emailing


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