10 common mistakes to avoid with your bathroom design

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Avoid these mistakes with your bathroom design…

You want your bathroom design to tick all the right boxes and stand the test of time. That’s why some careful thought and planning should go into the design process.

Planning your ideal bathroom design involves knowing what not to do, as well as what to include. To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together this list of mistakes homeowners commonly make with their bathroom designs. Discover what they are and how you can avoid them:

Mistake #1: Not thinking carefully about the layout

It may seem easier and quicker to stick with the layout that already exists, but that might not necessarily be the best use of the space. You should spend some time looking at all the different layout options, particularly if it’s a new home and you haven’t lived with the old bathroom.

Equally, don’t be tempted to change the layout for the sake of if or because you fancy a change. Switching the location of your plumbed in appliances can be an added cost and you may be left with a room that doesn’t flow as well.

Mistake #2: Failing to plan for the future

A bathroom should last 10 years at least, so make sure you think ahead as to how you’re going to use it. What might work now might not down the line. For instance, you and your partner might be fine with a shower only for the moment, but should you have children a bath would become useful. Alternatively, if you think you might sell the house in the coming years, consider choosing a suite that will appeal to most tastes.

Combined bath-showers are a great way to ensure your bathroom remains practical over the years

Mistake #3: Prioritising style over substance

You want to love your new bathroom design, that’s a given. But bathrooms are practical spaces first and foremost. Many people can find themselves getting carried away with a look or design scheme that simply doesn’t fit within their space. In order to avoid being left with an impractical or difficult to maintain bathroom, make sure you keep the limitations of you space front of mind throughout the planning process.

Mistake #4: Poor ventilation and heating

You could design the most beautiful bathroom around, only to find it gets filled with steam and covered with mildew after the shortest period of usage. Planning practical details like an efficient ventilation system and proper radiators means you’ll be able to enjoy your bathroom fully, as well as keeping damp to a minimum.

Mistake #5: Lack of practical storage

It’s easy to get swept away by all the images of pristine catalogue bathrooms, every surface un-touched by the signs of daily life. But in reality, our bathrooms are filled with tubs, tubes, gadgets and gizmos.

Planning what storage you’re going to need – and where it will go – at the start of your project avoids having to squeeze it in last minute. Many homeowners now opt for fitted bathroom cabinets and furniture to bypass this error.


Mistake #6: Not seeking expert advice

Even the most DIY-savvy among us can fall foul to this one. Bathrooms are not like your average room and there are technical requirements that have to be met in order to make them safe, sanitary and functional. A ‘give-it-a-go’ approach will not suffice.

Talking to an expert is always advisable, even if it’s just about your layout, fixtures and plumbing. At BASI, we offer free surveys and bathroom designs, so you can access professional advice right at the start of your project, with no obligation to purchase.

Mistake #7: Choosing incompatible products

There’s a huge range of products out there designed to enhance your bathroom experience. From power showers and double sinks, to waterfall fixtures and sauna style wet rooms, there are plenty of different ways to customise your space.

However, not all these products will always work effectively in your home as it depends on your boiler and water supply. Always seek professional plumbing advice before buying and installing new fixtures.

Mistake #8: Failing to agree a fixed price

Bathroom installation projects are not without complications. That’s why you always need to request a thorough survey and agree a fixed price with your installers before the work begins. Otherwise, you might find yourself stung by additional ‘unforeseen’ costs….


Mistake #9: Overlooking accessories

In our experience, what can really bring a bathroom design to life is the small injections of personal taste added by the homeowners. Be this the tiling, wallpaper or flooring, or something simpler like plants, towels and candles, there are dozens of ways to accessorise and make a space your own. These touches can help make your new bathroom design feel a part of your home immediately.

Mistake #10: Not doing enough research

This one might be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people try and launch into a renovation project without spending any time surveying the options. Always set aside some time to look through bathroom ideas and inspiration as this will help you discover a design you’ll enjoy for years to come.

If you’re not sure what you like or what design would work best in your home, your bathroom specialist should be able to advise you. They can chat to you about your needs and show you plenty of images and different styles until you find one you truly love.

Do you want to talk to us about your bathroom installation project? Talk to our customer care team today and we’ll help you organise a free survey.


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