Why choose local bathroom fitters?

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Local bathroom fitters – Why go independent?

When you’re looking for the right bathroom installer it often boils down to one thing…


Trust that they will stick to their promises. Trust that they will treat your home with respect. Trust that they’re going to provide you with the bathroom of your dreams.

And that’s where opting for local, independent bathroom fitters can pay off. Without a big, corporate brand to fall back on, local fitters have to prove they can tick all these boxes and more. They have to show their customers that they’re worth trusting.

Here are five other ways local bathroom fitters prove themselves as the reliable option:

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1. Bringing the showroom experience to you

Flashy showrooms may be attractive. But when you think about it, who’s paying the premium? And who’s travelling miles to reach them? The customer, of course.

Showrooms make things easy for salespeople, not customers. And they certainly don’t help you get the right bathroom at the right price.

At BASI, we keep our overheads down and our prices affordable by bringing the showroom experience to you. This saves you time and allows us to get a feel for your property. We can gather the technical information we need there and then, helping things move more quickly down the line.

Basi Bathrooms 5 star aftercare service

2. Friendly, helpful service just around the corner

What’s more irritating than sitting through a list of automated options every time you call? Or being bounced from department to department? Do you ever just want the answers from a real person?

In our experience, bypassing these frustrations goes a long way to making the bathroom installation experience an enjoyable one. And as a local company, we have our own in-house customer service team ready to deal with your requests on the phone, as well as providing free face-to-face surveys.

There aren’t thousands of customers trying to get through at any given time. In fact, you’ll usually speak with a friendly, helpful human being the very first time you pick up the phone!

3. Every employee is accountable

When choosing between installers, you might be tempted to opt for a large, national company for ease. Or go with a lone installer who you know already. Both of these are perfectly good options, but there are some unique benefits to choosing local bathroom fitters.

We’re a close-knit team of no more than 30 full-time employees. We don’t outsource work and our employees know each other well (some for more than 25 years!) Because of this, our multi-skilled installers operate efficiently and hold each other accountable for the standard of work we produce.

As local bathroom fitters, we can’t rely on a constant stream of national enquiries. It’s important that our customers talk honestly about the brilliant bathrooms we produce, either in person or on review sites like TrustPilot. For this reason, we’re all invested in doing the best possible job.


4. Receive honest, impartial design advice

Choosing your dream bathroom is a personal experience, based on your tastes and the needs of your household. The last thing you need is a salesperson giving you the hard sell in order to meet their targets. We’re local, so it’s not in our interests to sell an unsuitable bathroom and do a runner!

Instead, our surveys are carried out by qualified installers who provide you with practical, accurate advice. We offer a dedicated design service, in which your choices will be compiled into a 3D virtual design, so you can see exactly what your chosen suite will look like in your home.


5. Consistent service and aftercare

Most national companies will have regional variations in the quality of their service, so you don’t always know what you’re getting. And with lone installers, you are putting all your eggs in one basket. Should anything unexpected crop up, you could be left in the lurch – with no bathroom!

At BASI, it’s the best of both worlds. We’re large enough that we have enough installers to complete your project quickly. But, we’re small enough that you’re not going to be treated like another number.

Following your installation, we provide a 25 year manufacturer warranty and 2 years’ workmanship guarantee. Your new suite is covered for any breakdowns and you can rest easy knowing we’re just a phone call away should you need us.

There are hundreds of bathroom design ideas choose from and we see a great deal of them in our role as bathroom design specialists. Why not take a look at our gallery for some further ideas?

Or perhaps you want to talk to us about your bathroom installation project? Get in touch with our customer care team today and we’ll help you organise a free survey.

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