How to make an old bathroom look new – 7 top tips

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How to make an old bathroom look new – easy ideas to try

If you’ve moved home or you’re making improvements to your current place, you might not always have the budget to do everything at once. This is particularly true if you’ve just bought somewhere where there are multiple rooms that need work.

The bathroom is one of the first rooms people want to change. We bathe in our bathrooms, so it makes sense we want them to feel fresh, clean and be practical for the whole household.

Investing in a new suite or full bathroom redesign might not be an option for you right now. Or perhaps your bathroom looks a little rough around the edges, but is still in good working order. It may not merit a full renovation just yet, even if there’s room for improvement.

In this instance, our advice would be to think about how to make an old bathroom look new again. It’s completely achievable and probably costs less than you think.

Take a look at the 7 ideas below and find out how to make an old bathroom look new again…


1. Rerouting and resealing

When a bathroom is old or lived in, mildew and stains can build up on tile grout and sealant. The first thing to do is check if it can be wiped away with strong bathroom mould-busting products. You might find a large amount of the mould comes away after a tough scrub.

If not, you can easily repair the stained patches. With grout, you start by scraping away the old grout before refilling it. And with sealant, you can pull away old filler by hand, before filling it in afresh. If you don’t feel confident about doing these things yourself, you can find a bathroom specialist to do it relatively cheaply.

This simple change will immediately make your old bathroom look newer. It will also help it feel cleaner and be much easier to maintain.


2. Painting and decorating

A simple but effective way to breathe new life into a room is with a lick of paint. If your bathroom is looking tired and old, choosing a bright, fresh colour like white or pebble can lift the whole room, making it look new and more spacious in the process.

3. Lighting

In dated and old bathrooms, the features are usually old too. Installing modern light fittings can help to brighten up the space – literally – and make it feel fresher. If you have really old bulbs, you could save money by switching to energy-saving lights.


4. New towels and linens

When your budget won’t stretch to any DIY or decor alterations, simply switching up your towels, bath mats and shower curtains can make all the difference. It’s a quick change, but you’ll be surprised at how much fresher your bathroom instantly looks.


5. Storage and accessories

Clutter and mess makes any bathroom look unappealing. Investing in some practical storage that hides away your everyday essentials will make the room feel a whole lot cleaner and less lived in. This has the added benefit of freeing up space for accessories. Plants, candles, diffusers, frames and ornaments are all small items that can visually lift your bathroom and make it look cared for.


6. New tiles

Can you afford to buy some new tiles? It’s an easy way of putting your own mark on your existing suite. Large tiles are quick to install and easy to keep clean. Overall, tiles are a good way to add colour and style into your design too. You could choose statement tiles like Victorian-shaped or a Moroccan pattern. Tiles can help personalise a bathroom, even if you didn’t pick the suite originally.


7. Fresh flooring

Installing a new floor instantly makes an old bathroom look updated. It’s probably cheaper to do that you think too, if you use roll vinyl, which is an affordable and stylish option. You may also want to take a look at what’s under your current flooring. If there are floorboards, they can be freshened up with a sanding and varnish.

We hope you’ve found some useful ideas in this blog that can help with your own bathroom. If you’d like to discuss a bathroom renovation project, you can get in touch with our customer team on 0800 980 6018 or by emailing

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