How to make a small bathroom look bigger – 10 ideas to try

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How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Having a small bathroom can be a real pain, especially if there are multiple people sharing it. You may feel that it’s constantly messy and there’s no room to carry out daily routines. But making a bathroom look bigger through design and décor is completely achievable.

Although it might not be possible to make your small bathroom physically bigger or create extra room where there isn’t any, there are plenty of ways to make a space feel bigger. Many of which are affordable to the average household.

Want to love your bathroom? Ready to stop feeling frustrated by its size? Read on to discover how to make a small bathroom look bigger

1. Stick to whites and light colours

This is the fundamental rule for making any room look bigger – stick to light colours only. Darker, richer colours (e.g. navy, maroon and purple) can close in the walls and make a room feel more compact. Whereas whites and other neutral, lighter colours lift a space, leaving it light and airy.

2. Include reflective surfaces

Mirrors and reflective surfaces provide the illusion of added space, but they also help bounce light around a room. This makes them incredibly effective when it comes to making a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. A floor to ceiling mirror is great if you have the wall space, but a large mirror above the sink will work just as well too.


3. Floating units

Many modern bathroom appliances and furnishings are designed to be suspended from the floor and fixed directly to the wall. This gives the illusion of increased space by freeing up the floor. Floating units have the added benefit of making your floors easier to clean, sweep and wipe down.

4. Glass panel shower

Large, bulky shower frames can make a bathroom feel boxy and segmented. Opting for a clear, frameless shower surround or panel keeps the design light and minimal, giving the illusion of increased space.


5. Compact suites

Perhaps the most effective way of making a small bathroom look bigger is by choosing purpose-built units and appliances. Compact and slimline sinks, toilets and vanity units are designed specifically for small bathrooms and en-suites to conserve as much space as possible. These appliances work practically, yet don’t protrude too far from the wall, leaving more room to manoeuvre.


6. Storage, storage, storage!

Lack of proper storage only makes a small bathroom feel smaller. Installing fitted units, shelves and wall-mounted cupboards are all easy ways of clearing the clutter and freeing up visible surfaces. Tidying away loose items like towels and toiletries makes a space feel instantly roomier.

7. Large tiles or floor panels

Whether you opt for ceramic tiles, vinyl, natural stone or sheet linoleum, choosing large tiles will help your bathroom look more spacious. Small, busy tiles can clutter a compact surface area, so less is definitely more. It’s also a good idea to stick to lighter tones for your flooring, as per point one.

8. Bright lighting

Atmospheric lighting can be relaxing, but only in the right context. If your bathroom isn’t on the larger side of the spectrum, dimmer lighting is going to make it feel dinger and – you guessed it – smaller. Make your bathroom feel bigger by using bright spotlighting to open up every corner.


9. Curved, corner shower enclosure

Corner shower units take up less room in small bathrooms and en-suites, while still feeling spacious from within. A curved shower door is also a stylish design feature and can make showering that bit more enjoyable.

10. Hooks and hanging wall tidies

Surfaces can be limited in smaller bathrooms. If you don’t have the option of installing bathroom furniture like shelving or cupboards, try adding hooks and hanging wall tidies. This quick fix keeps essential items out the way, yet close at hand for whenever they’re needed.

We hope this list has provided some useful ideas for making your small bathroom look bigger. If you’re looking for some further inspiration, why not take a look at our bathrooms range?

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