How to make a shower look new again – 7 ideas to try

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How to make a shower look new

The more time we spend in our homes, the more we notice things that need improving. The bathroom is one of the places wear and tear is most noticeable, with dirt and grime building up over time and making the whole room feel less new, even after cleaning.

Showering should be a fresh and clean experience every day. But the shower is where we clean ourselves, meaning dirt and grime build up. This is exacerbated by water marks and condensation. Over time, these things leave your shower looking old, dirty and unappealing.

Luckily, there are things you can do to improve the look of your current shower that don’t involve ripping it out…

How to make a shower look new again – without replacing it

1. Resealing

Black mould and mildew build up on shower sealant, particularly in hard to reach corners. Sometimes a deep clean with a bleach-based black mould remover works. Eventually, you will need to reseal it to get it back to gleaming white.

Start by gently removing the old sealant, using a pointing trowel. Once the area is clear and dry, fill with your new sealant following the instructions on the tube. It doesn’t take long to dry but the results will be satisfyingly bright for months.

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2. Deep cleaning or replacing grout

Mildew and mould stain tile grout in the same way as sealant. Because grout is slightly granular in texture, grout is easier to scrub clean. Using a toothbrush and a bleach-based cleaner, it’s possible to refresh old grout most of the time with a good scrub.

If you do need to re-grout, it’s straightforward to do using off-the-shelf bathroom tile grout mix. Make sure you scrape away the top layer of the old grout using a pointing trowel before doing so.

3. Remove water marks from glass screens

Water marks on glass are caused by deposits of minerals from hard water. They are easy to remove with the right combination of products. Start by spraying the glass with vinegar and leaving to soak for a few hours, topping the vinegar up now and then.

Then use a scourer dusted with bicarbonate of soda and scrub in circular motions, topping up the vinegar and bicarb whenever needed, before rinsing it away. It might take one or two goes, but your glass will be crystal clear in no time.


4. Deep clean the shower head

Soaking your shower head in a sealed bag of vinegar for a few hours before cleaning is a great way to remove limescale build up. This not only makes your shower head look clearer and new, but the water flows faster and increases the pressure.


5. Replace an old or weak shower head

Sometimes all the cleaning in the world isn’t going to make your shower head work harder, and it’s time to upgrade. Luckily, you can find all sorts of affordable options in hardware shops or online that are straightforward to fit yourself. You may want to opt for a different style, maybe waterfall or power shower head, perhaps?


6. Cover old tiles

To instantly make a shower look new, cover up old or ugly tiles. There are a few options for doing this, including resilient tile paint and vinyl stickers. These can be bought online and make a great temporary option for improving the look of your shower until you can replace the tiling.

7. Throw out old shower screen tubing

It’s often grime and mould in the fixtures of a shower surround or screen making it look old. Stainless steel fixtures will come up new with a good clean, but rubber and plastic tubing sometimes get strained beyond repair. Replacing these will make your shower surround look instantly newer.

We hope you’ve found these ideas useful and have an idea of how to make a shower look new. Is the rest of your bathroom looking a bit tired? Look at the decorating ideas in this blog: How to make an old bathroom look new.

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