How to make a bath relaxing – Tips for improving a bathtub

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How to make a bath relaxing

Having a relaxing bath is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Baths are the perfect way to relax, unwind and spend some quality time alone. Bathing has many health benefits too, improving sleeping patterns, muscle pain, mood and even reducing blood pressure.

For bath novices, one of the most off-putting things can be feeling unrelaxed in your bathroom. Not everyone has their dream, spa-like bathroom. If your bathroom is a dated, rundown or untidy, you might feel like it’s hard to unwind in these surroundings.

But, don’t be deterred! Because there are plenty of ways you can create an idyllic haven. Read on to find out how to make a bath relaxing.

1. Clear the decks

Bathrooms are practical spaces first and foremost and receive heavy use each day. Because of this, there’s usually a fair amount of debris scattered about. Before you run your bath, tidy all of this away to keep it out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps invest in some wicker baskets where you can stow away bottles, towels, kids’ toys and other bits while you’re in the tub.


2. Get a bath caddy

An important part of having a relaxing bath is barely having to move. To make certain of this, you might want to invest in a bath caddy where you can place your essentials right in front of you. Candles, soap, bath oils and perhaps a drink of your choice are all welcome additions to a bath and fit snugly on your bath caddy. Bath caddies look great too and you could use yours to display plants and other bits when not in use.


3. Stock up on candles and essential bath oils

To get the full benefits of a warm and steamy bath, it’s nice to include some aromatherapy. Candles, diffusers and essential oils add to the calming atmosphere. Scents like lavender, jasmine and rose water are known for their relaxing properties and all smell beautiful.



4. Pair it with natural remedies

Baths are great for detoxing the body and, as long as the water isn’t scalding hot, they are great for cleansing the skin too. Fresh ginger is a natural anti-oxidant and works great in a steamy bath where your pores are opened-up with the heat. Many people use Epsom salts to relax the muscles and eucalyptus to sooth breathing, either by steaming the leaves or in oil form. To hydrate skin while in the water, you can add coconut oil or oats to a warm bath.

5. Turn on some music and switch off

Once your bath is run and prepared, it’s time to set the mood and switch off. Make sure no one is going to disturb you, put on some relaxing music and turn off the main light. Then, enjoy!

How to make a bath relaxing – when you dislike your bathtub

Are you still not convinced? Perhaps you were reading the previous suggestions thinking “But I hate my bath, I will never relax there!”

It might be true you’re stuck with a tub you dislike for the time being. But there are still a few ways you can fix an unsightly bath even if you don’t have the means for a bathroom renovation right now.


Here are our top tips for improving your current bathtub:

TIP #1 Update the bath surround

If your bath has plastic panelling, it’s easy to remove and replace it with wooden panelling. This can be painted or treated with a colour or design of your choice.

TIP #2 Install new fixtures

Replacing the taps on your bath can give it a new lease of life. Modern taps are often more efficient and have better control, which can make filling your tub to the desired temperature easier too.

TIP #3 Replace the sealant

Old sealant and grout gather mould and mildew. It’s easy enough to deep clean or remove this and replace it with fresh sealant in order to make an old bath look new again.

TIP #4 Buy a new curtain or screen

If you have a bath-shower, the curtain can become worn and unsightly. Replacing it with a new curtain in a design you love or a clear shower screen instantly improves the look of your whole bath.

TIP #5 Bath pillows or mats

It might be that the shape of your bath simply doesn’t work for you. It’s possible to get pillows and other padding designed specifically for use in the bath which can transform the comfort of your tub.

We hope you’ve managed to get some ideas from this article. If you’d like to discuss a bathroom renovation project, you can get in touch with our customer team on 0800 980 6018 or by emailing

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