En-suite bathroom ideas to maximise your space

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En-suite bathroom inspiration

En-suite bathroom ideas and things to consider

Extra bathrooms are an asset to any home. They increase the value of a property and make everyday life more convenient for those who live there.

Installing an en-suite bathroom in your home goes one step further. It allows you to create your own private haven. It’s the first and last place you visit each day and it’s designed around your needs exactly.


The ideal design is a blend of practicality and taste

When you’re exploring en-suite bathroom ideas, it’s important to consider your favourite styles, finishes and how you’d like to make your mark on the design.

To make the space work for you, it should be tailored to your routine. Unlike designing a shared or family bathroom, en-suites are more personal, so think about what’s important to you.


If you like a large sink and vanity area for pampering, include this. If long, relaxing soaks are how you unwind, make the bath the centrepiece. Or if invigorating showers are your thing, why not add a supersize waterfall showerhead? It’s completely up to you.

You might include:

  • waterfall-showerheadA corner shower
  • A walk-in shower
  • A combined bath-shower
  • A toilet and bidet set
  • Wall-hung appliances
  • Vanity units
  • Built-in furniture
  • Underfloor heating
  • Custom storage

Making the most of every inch

Most en-suite bathrooms are compact and you may be restricted when it comes to the size of the suite you install. However, smaller suites still come in a full range of styles, from traditional and Victorian to sleek contemporary, so you won’t be lacking options.


Wall-mount your appliances

Installing wall-hung units is a simple way to make an en-suite feel less crowded, while still including all the items you want. Wall-hung toilets, sinks and storage units free up floor-space, giving the illusion of a larger surface area and less furniture. They also make cleaning the floor quick and easy.

Other space-saving ideas:

  • Towel rack radiators
  • Bench storage seating
  • Bath ledge shelving
  • Mirror front cupboards
  • Sink vanity units


En-suite bathroom design considerations

✓ Windows

✓ Colour palette

✓ Lighting

It’s often the case that en-suites are added into a home retrospectively. They are a modern feature and few older properties were built with them as part of the original layout. This can mean they end up windowless or with very small windows.

If this is the case in your property, it’s important to keep your room light and airy. Selecting a colour palette that’s pale and neutral is one way to make the room feel more open and bright. Large mirrors and LED spotlights are also useful additions for a pleasant en-suite.


Practical considerations

✓ Ventilation

✓ Layout

As mentioned, it may be the case that your en-suite has little or no windows. This makes good ventilation via an extractor fan essential. There’s no point designing your ideal en-suite bathroom only to find it’s damp, steamy and slippery once you start using it.

The layout is equally important, particularly where space is limited. Make sure doors (both the main entrance and shower door) don’t impede on the other appliances, leaving enough room to manoeuvre while performing everyday activities. Your bathroom designers will be able to recommend the dimensions required for an effective en-suite layout.


The finishing touches for your dream en-suite bathroom

We stated right at the start of this article that an en-suite is your private haven. And making the design your own is perhaps the best part of creating this. Once the layout and appliances are pinned down, you can start thinking about what’s going to bring it to life.

Is there a type of tile you love? Are you drawn to spa-style elegance? Do you want to fill the surfaces with plants, candles and ornaments? Is minimalist your thing? Whatever your taste, find a way to weave it into the design. That way, you’ll be in love with your en-suite for decades to come. 

We hope you’ve gathered some useful en-suite bathroom ideas and inspiration from this article. If you’re looking for some further inspiration, why not take a look at our en-suite bathrooms range?

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