9 decorative accessories to instantly lift your bathroom

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Accessories help you instantly decorate a bathroom

The right finishing touches take a space from drab and dated to full of character.

And when you’re not in a position to complete a full bathroom renovation, updating the furnishings can help you breathe new life into the existing space.

Equally, many bathroom accessories make beautiful gifts. People can be likely to splash out on bathroom accessories for themselves, as they view them as more of a necessity. But, gifting someone a stunning item for their bathroom is something they’ll enjoy every day.

To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together 9 of our favourite bathroom accessories…

Woven baskets

Baskets of all kinds are handy in the bathroom and can be used to store everything from spare towels and toilet rolls to cleaning products or make-up. Stylish storage baskets have the added benefit of hiding unsightly clutter and being decorative at the same time.


Hanging mirror

Large mirrors instantly make a space feel bigger and brighter. They also add a much-needed dash of character into an otherwise plain or minimalist room. In the bathroom, mirrors are typically used plenty of times in each day, so a nice style makes a worthwhile investment.


Trailing plants

Plants are perfectly suited to the bathroom. They provide a burst of living energy to counterbalance cold tiling and ceramics. Plus, their colours look great against muted and white tones. Many varieties of houseplant also help reduce humidity in the air, making them useful for soaking up steam.


Co-ordinated holders and dispensers

Having cheap plastic tubs and containers scattered around your bathroom can make it feel cluttered and worn looking. Investing in a matching set of containers, holders and dispensers is a quick and easy way to make your washing space look fresh, ordered and stylish.


Unique shelving

Most of us could always use extra storage space in the bathroom. But wall mounted shelving units are also a good opportunity to display finishing touches like plants, candles and ornaments. And choosing a unique shelf design allows you to create a visual focal point within the room.

Spa-style wooden bath mat

Hate stepping out of the bath or shower onto a soggy bath mat? Then this is the ideal accessory for you. Wooden plank bath mats provide a touch of spa-style elegance to a room while making sure you don’t slip. They are also relatively easy to make at home if you’re handy with a hammer.


Bath tidies

These are both style feature and relaxation tool in one. Load a bath tidy up with candles, a book and a glass of your favourite drink and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to unwind. They are also a great place to store kids’ toys, sponges or other bits when not in use.

Staircase shelves

Versatile and compact, staircase shelves can be moved to any part of a room where there’s free wall space. They are a quirky design feature that allow you to display lots of other decorative items too.

Use staircase shelves practically to store towels, or load them up with plants or candles. Either way, they will breathe new life into any room.

Luxury handwash and toiletries

Splashing out on luxury toiletry brands for the bathroom might not be something we do every day, but it’s nice once in a while. Products enhance your bathing experience and leave the room filled with beautiful aromas. For this reason, high-end hand wash and bathing lotions also make ideal gifts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas for bathroom décor. Perhaps you’ve even had an idea for a last minute gift?

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation project in the near future, why not check out our gallery? Or to speak with one of our bathroom advisors, contact us on 0800 980 6018 or email

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