Contemporary bathroom ideas for every home

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Contemporary bathroom ideas

Create a serene haven you can enjoy every day

Contemporary bathroom designs are beautifully minimalist yet highly functional. Sleek, stylish and with broad appeal, a modern bathroom suite is an investment in the value of your home.

Clean lines, bold shapes and neutral tones are commonly found within contemporary bathroom designs. But what other features make up a modern scheme?

Read on to discover some of the creative contemporary bathroom ideas favoured by homeowners…


Streamlined, minimalist suites

contemporary-semi-recess-basinIn sharp contrast to the decorative flourishes found in traditional bathroom suites, contemporary appliances are clear cut and bold in shape and form. Sharp edges, smooth lines and sweeping curves all add to the minimalist look and feel.

This makes contemporary suites ideal for small bathrooms and en-suites, as well as larger bathrooms that receive heavy daily usage. Compact, streamlined units and cleverly hidden storage keep bathrooms looking clean and clutter-free.

Floating units and suspended shelving

Wall-hung basins, units and toilets are essential parts of a modern bathroom design. Floating units are stylish and practical, creating a bold statement that moves away from traditional floor-standing furniture. The efficient design of these units allows you to maximise on space, helping rooms feel light and airy.

Modern wet room planning

Barely-there shower enclosures

Modern shower designs are all about sleek exteriors and a powerful showering experience.

Walk-in showers and floor level trays provide a seamless finish. While partial or full glass-panel enclosures keep the overall design light and spacious, by-passing the need for heavy frames and door panels.

For the shower fixture, many opt for multi-functional panels with double shower heads, meaning you can easily adapt your showering experience to your needs.

Elegant, freestanding bathsVida-freestanding-bath

Many of us associate freestanding baths with Victorian bathrooms, featuring grand roll-tops and decorative feet. However, there are plenty of bold, modern freestanding bathtubs too. These baths have sleek edges and unique forms that make a real statement within contemporary design schemes.

There is a unique pleasure to be found from bathing in a standalone bathtub that can still be achieved within a contemporary design.

Lighting the way

Under-unit lighting and overhead spotlights are smart features that can really elevate contemporary bathroom designs. This type of lighting emphasises key features and makes bathrooms extremely practical to use at all times of day.


Industrial-inspired décor

A huge interiors trend of the past decade has been the industrial look, bringing raw and unpolished tones into the home. Bathrooms are no exception and working an industrial edge into your design is one way to breathe life into a contemporary bathroom design. Concrete, slate, brick and exposed pipework are easy ways to add a dash of the modern-industrial feel without going overboard.


Feature tiles in bold colours or pattern

A modern bathroom suite provides an almost blank canvas for you to make your own. The tiling is one of the best ways to add personality into your design. And when looking for contemporary tiles and wall decor, there are plenty of exciting options.

You could go for an unusual shape, such as hexagonal honeycomb tiles. Alternatively, you could choose a simple shape in a non-traditional colour, such as egg-yolk yellow, or make a statement with bright, multi-coloured Moroccan-style tiles.

Contemporary accessoriesUnique-Bathroom-Shelving

Even if you’re updating a current bathroom, or adding finishing touches to a new design, there are plenty of simple ways to modernise it using accessories. Banish potpourri and toilet roll covers and instead choose modern items that really bring your design to life.

Baskets, hanging plants and concrete or stainless steel dispensers are easy swaps. Copper storage racks and staircase shelving are also stylish, current touches. These accessories will not only make your design feel contemporary, but they’ll make it incredibly practical too.

Are you feeling inspired by these contemporary bathroom ideas? Why not browse our gallery for more ideas?

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