Clever storage ideas for small bathrooms

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Lack of storage can be a real pain, particularly in small bathrooms.

When you’ve taken the time to create a beautiful bathroom where you can relax and unwind, you really don’t want it to be cluttered up with bottles, tubs and tubes.

But the reality is that your bathroom is a practical space and everyone in your home will have their own lotions, potions, gadgets and gizmos that they need to use on a daily basis.

That’s where storage comes in.

Now, we’re not talking about plastic boxes or chunky chests of drawers. We’re talking ‘clever’ storage. The type of storage that’s going to make your bathroom look great and feel practical. So, without further ado, here are our top seven innovative storage ideas for small bathrooms.


1. Stylish door tidies

Everyone’s got a bathroom door (at least we hope you do!), which means everyone has the chance to use it to store their essentials. There are a huge range of door tidies available, many of which are suitable for bathrooms. And they range from foldaway fabric designs to more robust metal models.

The best thing about door tidies is that they take minutes to install and you can fill them with whatever will fit. Shampoo, soap, nappies, body lotion and spare toilet rolls – basically, anything you don’t want out on your surfaces can now be neatly tucked away – on your door!


2. Integrated units

Your toilet and sink are two essential parts of your bathroom, but this doesn’t mean they should take up excessive room. In small bathrooms, installing an integrated unit will help make the best of the space around your toilet and sink, turning them into handy cupboards.

Not only do integrated units provide generous amounts of storage, they look super stylish too. All of the pipework is hidden from view and you can paint the exteriors so that they’re in keeping with your overall design scheme.


3. Shelves in high places

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to shelving is one of the best ways to get around the issues that come with small bathrooms. Keeping shelves higher up towards the ceiling prevents rooms from looking cluttered.

Installing bespoke shelving above doors, windows and units lets you stow away spare towels and other less regularly-used items without them getting in the way. Add some tasteful wicker baskets and a trailing plant and you’ve got yourself a stylish design feature!


4. Inbuilt ledges

While bathing and showering, your toiletries need to be within reach, but there’s nothing worse than stepping into a shower to find dozens of half-empty bottles swimming around your ankles, is there? Traditional hanging bath/shower racks are useful, but can gather dirt. So, what’s the solution?

Create an inbuilt ledge or tiny alcove on the wall of your shower or next to your bath. That way, your bottles can be neatly stored at arm’s height on a surface that’s easy to wipe down and keep clean. Inbuilt alcoves take up minimal room and blend seamlessly with the rest your design for a sleek, modern finish.


5. Radiator towel racks

Wall-mounted radiator towel racks are a ‘two birds, one stone’ solution. They’re simple and effective plus, it feels lovely to wrap yourself in a hot towel first thing in the morning or last thing at night. What more could you want from a towel rail? They also look incredibly stylish too.

A handy tip is to add a shelf a few inches above your radiator towel rack. Not only will this provide you with a convenient place to keep your spare towels, but the angle of the shelf can help circulate hot air around the room more efficiently. Clever, ay?

6. Stack ‘em up

If you happen to have room for a cupboard then one way you can make the most of all of your available cupboard space is by adding stackable boxes or using cupboard tidies. Your belongings will stay organised and you won’t be left cramming everything on to one shelf.

It’s a simple change, but one that will allow you to store more without causing a mini avalanche every time you open your cupboard door!


7. Hanging out

Want to add some knick-knacks to your bathroom, but aren’t sure where to put them amongst all of your practical items? Hanging shelves are the ideal solution. They’re really easy to build, with the addition of two small hooks, and they take up minimal space.

Just because your bathroom is on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on the homely details. If you don’t have space for large house plants, invest in some trailing, hanging plants that look beautiful and won’t take up any surface space.

As you can see, having a small bathroom really shouldn’t limit you when it comes to creating a stylish and practical space. There are dozens of clever ways to get the most from your available space, all it takes is a little inspiration!

Why not browse our gallery for some further inspiration? Or take a look at our bathrooms range? If you’d like to discuss your ideas with one of our bathrooms advisors, contact us on 0800 980 6018 or email


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