What are the best tiles to have in a bathroom?

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The best tiles to have in a bathroom

 How you tile your bathroom is completely down to you and there are no set rules you must follow. You can go for full or partial tiling on the walls and lots of people tile the floor too.

In terms of what type of tile to go for, there are a few different options. The tile material you choose is dependent on your budget and the desired effect. Here are the options:


Ceramic tiles are popular floor and wall coverings, providing a resistant barrier. They come in plenty of patterns and colours. Ceramic tiles are slightly less durable than porcelain but are cheaper and easier to fit.


Tiles made from porcelain are hard wearing and resistant to cracks and moisture. Like ceramic tiles, they come in many colours and patterns and have a desirable, expensive finish.

Natural stone

For floors particularly, stone tiles give a soft and natural feel. They are more porous than other tiles meaning there’s a slight risk of tiles staining or becoming worn. But the beautiful and unique finish provided by natural stone makes your bathroom feel like a haven.


Vinyl – either rolls or panels – is the cheap and easy way to get the appearance of tiles on your bathroom floor, in all sorts of design. Vinyl is easy to keep clean and is softer and warmer underfoot than ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles, but is less hardwearing.


Glass tiles might not be affordable or practical for tiling a whole room or floor, but glass tiles make a bright statement in a bathroom. They are more expensive to buy and install but are a luxury feature that sets a design apart.


Matching or complementary?

Should you choose to tile both the floor and walls of your bathroom, you need to decide whether you want one cohesive finish, or two complementary styles.

For instance, you might opt for large, stone-effect ceramic tiles across the walls and floor, for a spa-like finish. Or you may choose Victorian style, rectangular ceramic tiles for around your sink and tub, with black and white chequered vinyl tiles on the floor.

There are loads of different options and contrasting tiles often produce eye-catching results. It’s worth looking at lots of styles and samples and playing around with ideas before you decide.

Small tiles = more grout = more cleaning  

It’s worth considering the amount of grouting (i.e. the size of the tile) around your shower, sink and bath. Grout takes regular cleaning and discolours over time. If you opt for a very small tile in areas where mould builds up, you need to spend more time cleaning your tiles.


Floor tiles need to be safe

Not all tiles are suited to the floor. Some types of tiles (ceramic, glass, and porcelain mainly) are too smooth and become slippery underfoot when damp or wet. This makes them unsafe for use in the bathroom. There are lots of matt or textured varieties of tiles designed for barefoot walking.

Ultimately, the best tiles to have in a bathroom are the tiles you most, that fit within your budget. Although there are lots to choose from, once you start pairing them with appliances and fixtures, you will begin to get a sense of what works and what’s possible.

Before you choose, browse for plenty of inspiration and talk to your bathroom designer about what other customers have chosen for similar bathrooms. You’ll soon find your ideal picks.

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