5 bathroom cabinet storage ideas to conceal clutter

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Bathroom cabinet storage ideas

Without proper storage, your bathroom can start to look cluttered and feel smaller than it is. The way to avoid this is purpose-built bathroom cabinets.

There are lots of different styles to choose from, all designed to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. It’s useful to look at a range of bathroom cabinet storage ideas and see which might work best within your design.


1. Mirrored bathroom cabinets (plus LEDs)

Sleek and streamlined mirrored cabinets are a firm favourite with homeowners as they provide ultimate practicality without disrupting your design. Available in an array of different shapes and sizes there’s a mirrored bathroom unit to fit every space. If you use your mirror for grooming or applying makeup, including built-in LED lighting is a worthwhile investment.


2. Traditional style mirrored cabinets

Although our desire for compact and clever storage might be a modern-day obsession, you don’t have to go ultra-contemporary with the design. Traditional mirrored bathroom cabinets enable you to stow away everyday essentials that clutter up your sink, while looking beautiful in themselves.


3. Tall wall mounted cabinets

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, which is why furniture has to be specially designed to be space-efficient. Tall and corner cabinets are one way to turn empty space into useful storage. Either open fronted or with doors, these cabinets look smart and hide away clutter without impacting the spaciousness of your room.


4. Clever cabinet dividers

Many of us use dozens of products while getting ready. And then there are essentials like loo roll, towels and cleaning products. With all this to store out the way, even two or three bathroom cabinets can end up full-to-the-brim in no time.

Luckily, bathroom furniture designers are finding ways to maximise the internal space of units. Built-in drawer and shelf dividers enable you to pack your cabinets with as much as possible. You can keep everything organised and easily accessible too. It’s possible to make more room in your current cabinets by purchasing wireframe cupboard storage solutions or shelf dividers.


5. Compact and multipurpose cabinet storage


These double mirrored cabinets include a mirror, central shelf and two cupboards which feature internal shelves. This kind of multipurpose solution is ideal for small bathrooms or en-suites, where you may not have room for full size draws or vanity cabinets.

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