9 ways to weave colour into your bathroom design

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Colour can really bring a bathroom design to life.

Even the smallest splash of the right tone can add style, personality and character – whatever the size of your space.

However, many of us are hesitant to use bold colour in our homes, particularly when it comes to the bathroom. It’s much ‘safer’ to opt for whites and neutrals, keeping things clean and simple. And while this is approach is fine, safer doesn’t always necessarily equal better.

Sometimes, bright and bold is better.

Are you contemplating adding colour to your bathroom design, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it effectively? Read on to discover 9 easy ways to work colour into your scheme…


1. Choose colours that inspire you

Bathrooms should be about relaxation. And the colours we like best can help us feel content or even remind us of the places that make us happiest.

For instance, do you love being by the sea? Or is a walk in the woods the best way to clear your head? Perhaps the soothing surroundings of a luxury spa make you feel at ease?

Be inspired by the world around you and choose shades that make you feel happy and relaxed. That way, you avoid making any drastic design choice that you may regret. Instead, you’ll succeed in creating a space you enjoy spending time in.


2. Create a feature wall

Painting a feature wall is the failsafe way of weaving colour into your design without it feeling too overbearing. It’s also incredibly easy! All you have to do is test your colours, pick the one you like best, then get painting.

Look at your layout and choose a place the colour is going to add most impact. Adding a feature wall behind your sink, mirror or vanity units often works well as this is where your attention will most often be focused.

3. Weave in wallpaper

Using wallpaper for your feature wall is brilliant because you get to play around with colour and pattern to elevate your design. You could go traditional with a regal or floral pattern, or modern with a graphic print like palm trees. Alternatively, why not add an element of luxury with a shimmer finish?

It’s really all down to your unique preferences, which is what makes wallpaper such a great way of injecting your personality into a room. And, although it might seem impractical for the bathroom, it’s really not. Just make sure you have a good extraction system and plenty of tiled wall space surrounding your bath and shower to protect the papered walls from steam.

4. Select a shower curtain

A bright, patterned shower curtain is a simple and cost-effective way of weaving colour into your design. It’s also a great way of adding a dash of style to an old or tired looking bathroom.

You can find hundreds of colourful shower curtains online, many for under £15. And the best thing about this design hack is, if you don’t like it, you can just as easily take it down again!


5. Go bold with the tiling

The tiling is one of the most attractive features in your bathroom, making it a great opportunity to add something a little unique. Choosing either a bright, colourful pattern or a textured tile, featuring a range of tones can instantly transform your design, taking it from mundane to magnificent.

If your space, budget or requirement has limited you to particular bathroom suites, then tiling is your chance to really personalise the design and make it feel like your own. Spend some time selecting a quality tile you really love and you’ll enjoy them for decades to come.


6. Test out towels and accessories

For those among us who’re less daring or maybe prone to changing our minds, adding colourful bathroom accessories is a subtle way of finding tones and shades that suit your space. Towels, bathmats, blinds, and other decorative features, like plants and candles, are all easy ways of adding pops of colour here and there. And if you don’t like them after a little while, you can simply get rid!


7. Choose statement flooring

Whether you’re opting for stone, tile, lino or painted floorboards, there are a huge range of colours and patterns you can go with. Opting for a colourful floor is a great way of working new tones into a small bathroom design, without the scheme becoming too overwhelming.

Floor lino has come on leaps and bounds since the 1970s and you can now find hundreds of quality designs, patterns and styles out there, from contemporary prints to minimal stone effects. Textured floor tiles make a bold statement and painted floorboards are the cost-effective way to add a touch of elegance to any room.


8. Bathe in full colour

Choosing a colourful bath or bath surround will instantly create an impressive centrepiece within your bathroom design. This idea works in bathrooms of all sizes as, for smaller rooms, you can keep the walls light and airy by sticking to white tones. Your bath with act as the perfect eye-catching counterbalance to an otherwise neutral scheme.

9. Get crafty with your units

If your bathroom features any wooden units or other paintable surfaces, these are ideal blank canvases for adding a dash of colour. Inserting blocks of colour into cupboard doors is one option to try and this can be done easily at home.

Painting units and other bathroom furniture is a really easy way of brightening up bathrooms in between renovations. Wooden chairs, footstools and dressing tables are all ideal features for dressing up a space and really making it your own.

We hope we’ve given you some fresh ideas for adding colour into your bathroom design. Maybe you’d like to take a look at our gallery for some more inspiration? Or if you’d like to chat to someone about getting your bathrooms project started, contact us on 0800 980 6018 or email

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