5 innovative bathroom trends for summer 2018

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When you’re planning a new bathroom, browsing the latest design ideas is a sensible place to start. While a bathroom isn’t something you change to keep ‘on trend,’ exploring the styles currently out there is a great way of figuring out what you like and dislike.

Every bathroom should have timeless elegance and long term appeal, rather than pandering to interior design fads and fashions. With that in mind, we’ve selected our top 5 bathroom trends that are stylish, innovative and here to stay:


1. Narrow fit appliances

The most beautiful bathrooms feel bright, airy and spacious, even when floor space is at a minimum. To create the illusion of spaciousness, designers are opting for more compact units that have a smaller physical mass.

Avoiding large sweeping basins and excessively curved edges means you reduce protrusion into the middle of the room. Neat, angular suites work just as well as traditional features, yet save space and result in a more compact, streamlined finish.


2. Floating sinks, toilets and units

This is a bathroom trend that we can really get behind because it looks great and makes your life a whole lot easier! Floating appliances and units are fixed straight to the wall, creating a smooth and sleek appearance that also saves floor space.

But the real beauty lies in the maintenance. How frustrating is it cleaning all those dusty corners and damp crevices where your toilet, sink and cabinets meet the floor tiles? With floating units they are banished forever. All you have to do is sweep or mop straight underneath. Genius.

3. Tall, open fronted storage units

Similar to the narrow fit bathroom appliances we mentioned earlier, this is a design trend that’s also a really useful space saver. Tall open-faced cupboards or shelves look minimal and contemporary while also expanding your storage capacity. The taller they are stacked, the more space you have.

To avoid open-faced shelves looking messy or cluttered, break up your towels and toiletries with the occasional decorative shelf. Add a candle or houseplant and think about using wicker or woven baskets to store loose items neatly.


4. Multi-functional shower heads

Everyone enjoys their shower slightly differently. Some like it hot while others enjoy a cooler blast to wake them up on a morning. Many relish the harsh pressure of a power shower but, for others, the waterfall effect is the height of relaxation.

Luckily, designers have taken this into account and we’re now seeing multifunctional shower heads on the market. These clever contraptions cater for everyone’s individual preference, so you can tailor your showering experience to whatever mood takes your fancy.


5. Beautiful bowl basins

Standalone bowl basins are one bathroom trend that we see come back around time and time again. And with good reason…

A striking design feature, bowl basins allow you to add an element of luxury into your design without compromising on practicality. Opt for traditional materials like porcelain, stone or granite and you can ensure your sink looks just as elegant for decades to come.

Even within a busy family bathroom, a raised basin is simple to clean and prevents the edges of your sink becoming cluttered with everybody’s toothbrushes and products. They work exactly the same as traditional sunken basins just with an added dash of style.

As we stated at the beginning of this piece, bathroom trends aren’t there to go in-and-out of fashion. Instead, they are simply novel ideas to help you develop your dream design.

We hope this list has given you some food for thought, but if you’re after a little more inspiration, why not visit our gallery? We’ve got plenty of images of beautiful bathroom installations to get your design juices flowing.

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