17 easy DIY projects to give a go at home

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Give these easy DIY projects a go at home…

Many of us are spending more time at home than ever now. It’s a good time to take stock of the improvements you’d like to make to your home and maybe try your hand at some DIY.

For those of us new to DIY, starting small is the best way to build up confidence – and avoid any disasters! With that in mind, we’ve made a list of 17 easy DIY projects to give a go.

1. Paint your woodwork

An easy but often avoided home DIY task, painting skirting boards, doors and other woodwork in your home breathes new life into your rooms. It’s easy to do using eggshell, satin or gloss wood paint (depending on your preference). Give woodwork a rough sand before painting and make sure to protect your floors as you go.

2. Reseal the bathroom

Mildew and black mould tarnish bathroom sealant over time. If you’ve been avoiding dealing with these unsightly patches, now is the ideal time to take them on. Scrape and pull out the old sealant, then fill with new. Allow it to dry and scrape off the residue.


3. Rearrange a room

This doesn’t require any practical DIY, but rearranging a room is the easiest way to make it feel like new. It’s a great way to beat the cabin fever and you’ll find yourself looking at the whole space in a totally new light.


4. Hang a frame

The key to hanging pictures is having a second opinion. Stand with your frame placed in a rough location on the wall and ask someone to stand back and help you adjust it to the best spot. Once you’ve got it, mark it lightly on the wall with a pencil before hammering in your nails.

Note: For heavier frames or masonry walls you need to drill a hole and secure it with a plastic wall plug. This allows you to fit a screw large enough to hold the picture’s weight.


5. Create a picture wall

If you fancy taking number 4 one step further, you could hang a whole selection of pictures. To get your layout right, play around with your frames on the floor until you find the right formation. Then mark this placement out on your wall with masking tape before hammering in your nails.


6. Sand and varnish wooden furniture

Have you got wooden topped furniture that’s been gathering water marks? Or table and chair legs looking a little scuffed? Taking the time to give wooden furniture a thorough sand down and fresh varnish makes all the difference. For a natural look that brings out the wood’s grain, use an oil treatment and rub in using a cloth.


7. Change cupboard and drawer handles

You can find all sorts of beautiful door handles online, suitable for kitchen cabinets and chest of drawers. These are easy to screw in and instantly lift an old or dull piece of furniture, putting your own spin on it.

8. Wash your curtains

Perhaps not quite DIY, but this task is often avoided. Spring is the ideal time to tackle it as you can leave your curtains to airdry outside in a fresh breeze. They will look and smell amazing when you bring them in.

9. Spray paint your radiators

Wait for a dry day where you can open all the doors and windows in your home before you tackle this one. It’s easy to do using spray cans, but there are lots of fumes. Read this step by step guide to painting your radiators to find out exactly how the process works.


10. Paint an accent wall

This is the ideal painting job to tackle, because it’s so quick and easy. Make sure you patch test your chosen colour before painting it and, once started, be sure to protect all floors and furniture with dust sheets. Pick some accessories in a similar tone to your accent wall to blend it with the rest of the room.


11. Re-do your shelves

Have a clear out of the things gathering dust on your shelves is really satisfying and leaves you with more room to refill them. Why not get them a lick of paint or varnish while you’re at it? When you come to rearrange your books, plants and ornaments they will look brand new.

12. Spruce up your windows and frames

Giving your windows a deep clean – inside and out – is something you will be glad for every time the spring sunshine comes through them. Extend this treatment to your window frames too, giving them a clean, sand and paint.  Your windows will be the crowning glory of your home.


13. Put up a shelf

You can buy full kits for fitting shelves at home. All you need is a drill and a spirit level to fit one. Make sure you spend plenty of time getting the shelf exactly straight and follow the installation instructions exactly.

14. Hide away cords

Modern life comes with a never-ending stream of gadgets, cords, cables and chargers. These cords can spoil the look of your room. Pinning them to floors and skirting is one way to hide them away. Another is with wooden boxes with cord sized holes in the top for access.


15. Clear up your patio

Get outside and clear away the weeds, debris, dirt and leaves gathered on your patio. Once it’s clear you might be surprised how big it looks. Why not add some pot plants? It could even inspire to take on another project and build yourself a new seating area.

16. Dig a fire pit

If you have a big enough garden to leave a good few metres around the edges, you could make your own fire pit. Measure it out and surround the perimeter with bricks or stone, then dig up the lawn and fill the space with small stones.

17. Hang some blinds or net curtains

Spending more time in our homes than usual, there may be times you want a bit of shade or privacy without drawing your curtains. Thin blinds are easy to hang and provide light coverings for your windows perfect for the daytime. For fitting many off the shelf blinds, all that’s required is a screwdriver.

We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these easy DIY projects. Fancy taking on some decorating ideas in the bathroom? Look at this blog: How to make an old bathroom look new.


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