11 of the biggest bathroom trends for 2020

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Bathroom trends for 2020 – 11 ideas to kick-start your project

Is a bathroom redesign on your ‘to do’ list for 2020? Are you in need of a little inspiration to get you started? This list of ideas will help…

The start of a new year’s a popular time for thinking about the projects we want to achieve over the coming months. Bathroom renovations are often high up on many homeowners’ wish lists, not least because it can add between 3-5% to the value of their home.

Having your ideal bathroom is something you’ll enjoy every day. The right design makes bathrooms practical for the whole household too. Modern bathrooms are about getting the most from your space and putting your stamp on it through the décor.

There are always new ideas to try when it comes to bathroom design. To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together 11 of the most useful bathroom trends for 2020…


1. Statement dark colours

In a move away from traditional, neutral colour tones, many bathroom designs are incorporating darker colours, such as navy, grey and black. These shades make a bold statement in both contemporary and vintage-inspired rooms. Paired with copper, brass or gold fixtures, dark tones provide an opulent, luxurious finish that’s capable of transforming an average bathroom into a stunning space.

2. Gold, brass and rose gold fixtures

When we think of bathrooms, it’s not uncommon to picture colder tones and stainless steel fixtures. But many homeowners are choosing to warm up this palette by adding in splashes of gold and brass tones via the taps, exposed pipework and other fixtures. This trend works particularly well in both traditional vintage and industrial-inspired schemes and single-handedly brings a luxurious element to contemporary suites.


4. Black-framed shower enclosures

Where partial and frameless shower enclosures have been favoured for many years, it’s now becoming popular to draw attention to your showering area. These frames are chic and appear to take inspiration from traditional Japanese screens and modern apartment living. For a contemporary scheme in a larger bathroom, a black-framed shower surround is a stylish feature.

5. Scandinavian-style minimalism

Famed for practicality and minimalist charm, Scandinavian interiors are serene and timeless. This look is increasingly bring applied to bathroom interiors, with sleek, surface-mounted sinks and clutter-free furniture. Natural materials like wood, wicker and woven fabrics all play a part in bringing this look to life.


6. Floating and wall-mounted vanity units

This trend is by no means new for 2020, but it’ll definitely continue to soar in popularity over the next 12 months. Floating units free up floor space, helping bathrooms look and feel bigger and making them easier to clean. Wall-mounted vanity units are purpose-built to be space-efficient, giving you plenty of storage to accompany your sink and mirror area.

7. Feature wallpaper

If floor-to-ceiling tiling isn’t your thing, wallpaper is an excellent alternative. If your bathroom is on the smaller side and you need to keep your suite minimalist, a brightly-coloured wallpaper pattern can be the perfect way to make your mark on the room.


8. L-shaped bathtubs

When a separate bath and shower might not be available to you, but you still want a spacious showering experience, an L-shaped bath is the ideal option. L-shaped bath-showers are popular due to the combined benefits of a compact design and larger shower space. This is a trend that will continue into 2020 and beyond as homeowners get the most out of their bathroom floorplans.


9. Natural and organic tones and textures

In contrast to the dark tones and brassy fixtures we mentioned earlier, another bathroom trend for 2020 will be softer, organic tones. Natural finishes, such as wood, slate and stone, all look fantastic in the bathroom, whether polished and sleek or rustic and raw looking. These tones give a relaxing spa-like feel, making bathrooms instantly feel warm and homely.


10. Geometric tiles

Tile shape and colour is a simple way to add personality to a bathroom. Even if you’re restricted by size or budget on which suite you can choose, tiling is a great way to get creative and really make it your own. Geometric and honeycomb tiles are set to be hugely popular this year, particularly in bright and pastel colour tones. We love geometric patterns, they’re a unique way to breathe new life into bathrooms of all sizes.

11. Extra-large bathroom tiles

Full-coverage tiling on your bathroom walls is extremely practical. It protects your walls from moisture and they can be kept clean and mildew-free by being wiped down. Because partial and floor-to-ceiling wall tiling is so popular, there’s a huge array of large tile designs to choose from. Large, rectangular shaped tiles require minimal grouting and give a sleek overall appearance.


12. Multi-way showers

Many of us rely on a shower as the fastest way to wash each day. But that shouldn’t mean settling for a less luxurious and replenishing experience than a bath, should it?

This is why many homeowners are turning to multi-way showers, featuring shower heads, waterfall fixtures and even jet wash settings. This is an easy way to add an element of luxury to your design and works well within large bathrooms, shower rooms and walk-in showers. 

We hope you’ve found these bathroom trends for 2020 useful for creating your own ideal bathroom space. If you’d like to discuss a bathroom renovation, get in touch with our customer team on 0800 980 6018 or by emailing

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